UM-Bridge Workshop 2023

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UM-Bridge is a language-agnostic interface linking Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) packages and numerical model software. It allows

For more information, see UM-Bridge documentation.

This workshop has the following goals:


Time and Location

The workshop will be held online and span two days:

We will use as our online platform.


Registration is available through the registration form until December 1st.


For practical exercises, you will need working installations of


All times in CET (GMT+1).

Italic: Invited talks related to UM-Bridge.

Monday, 11. December 2023

Time Session
11:00 Welcome
11:10 Katherine Rosenfeld (Gates Foundation): UQ in disease models
11:30 Delphine Sinoquet (IFP Energies nouvelles): Lagun - User friendly UQ framework
11:50 Lunch break
13:00 Linus Seelinger (KIT Karlsruhe): Introduction to UM-Bridge
13:40 Practical: UM-Bridge basics / Participants’ projects
14:40 Brief introductions of participants
15:00 Sergey Dolgov (Bath uni.): Tensor Train Toolbox
15:20 Dave Ponting (OpenGoSim): Coupling Pflotran-OGS reservoir simulator to applications
15:40 Coffee break
16:00 Anne Reinarz (Durham uni.): Intro containers, containerized UM-Bridge models/benchmarks
16:40 Practical: Containerized models / Participants’ projects
20:00 Late session: Practical, participants’ projects (primarily for western time zones)

Tuesday, 12. December 2023

Time Session
11:00 Niklas Baumgarten (KIT Karlsruhe): UM++ Bridge - Accessing Models and Methods from FEM Software M++ via UM-Bridge
11:20 Thomas Schillinger (Mannheim uni.): UQ in traffic models
11:40 Sebastian Krumscheid (KIT Karlsruhe)
12:00 Lunch break
13:00 Cristian Mezzanotte (Google): Cloud platforms, HPC on kubernetes
13:30 Linus Seelinger (KIT Karlsruhe): Cloud-based HPC for UM-Bridge models
14:00 Practical: UM-Bridge cloud + HPC / Participants’ projects
15:00 Coffee break
15:20 Mikkel Lykkegaard (digiLab Solutions): Multilevel Delayed Acceptance, UM-Bridge at digiLab
15:40 Kolhaas, Rebecca (Stuttgart uni.): Bayesvalidrox - Surrogate-assisted Bayesian Validation of computational models
16:00 Discussion groups
16:30 Wrap-up
16:40 Practical: Participants’ projects
20:00 Late session: Practical, participants’ projects (primarily for western time zones)